Following my whimmmmmm

I know it's not the New Year yet... but for some reason, this year, the day after Christmas felt like I was starting a new year. There's a lot that leads up to the holidays - both for my family as well as my small business. So when I hit what feels like the finish line, it seems like I should be stepping into the next challenge. No, I don't know how to relax and take it easy. Although, I do feel like I am getting better.

I have been ruminating on new ideas, the direction of my business, where I should focus my priorities, my family's health, the state of our house... my mind is a jumble. Which, of course, means that I am not getting decent sleep. Bedtime is my least favorite time. 

So, I am starting a blog. I used to blog a long time ago and I enjoyed the process. And now that I am paying for this fancy new website, I figure, why not use it to work out my headspace. Maybe someone out there will be reading and have some constructive input as I navigate these times. 

First post - a few things about me...

  • I am an anxious person. The endless thoughts ensure this being true for the foreseeable future.
  • I am the president of the introvert club. Of course, I am the only member of this club. Sorry, no new members are currently being accepted.
  • I like to dabble a little in many things... unless they are required or something that needs to get done, then I am a master at avoidance. 
  • I have Fibromyalgia - which may, or may not be in my head - along with everything else. At least it's got good company (by the way, I do in fact have it or something else that causes me to become fairly debilitated at random times)
  • I have an amazing husband (super talented) and two pretty decent teenagers (also both very talented in their own right)... I feel like they will be amazing adults though. 
  • I live in Washington and I love every minute of it. And I happen to be saying this as my home is currently surrounded in snow and ice. And I don't care for snow and ice. But, seriously, it's the best place to live. Is the Seattle Freeze a myth? I can't confirm nor deny... but you might want to read the previous bullet points to see why it doesn't matter to me. 
  • I grew up in California. I don't have much to say about that other than I love my family who still lives there and I don't plan on living there again... unless it's for family. 
  • Right now, I enjoy reading, crafting, watching TikToks, spending time with my family, eating (always eating), gardening, talking to my plants, and binge watching tv shows. Oh, I also enjoy complaining about my poor choices to my friend over Marco Polo.

And my last detail is I have a pretty short attention span. So this is the end of this post. Sending well wishes, healthy vibes, and lots of love into the ether...