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Book Bingo for 2021!

I started the New Year wanting to do something with my daughter. I want to read more this year, and she loves to read. She is also competitive. So why not make a book bingo? In addition, I have been taking time to focus more on illustration. This was a great way to blend these two things.

I will be reading a mix of books I have heard about, books she already has in her extensive library, and books she has been asking me to read for years (I am currently reading Because of Winn-Dixie because she has had it on my TBR since she was in 3rd or 4th grade (Now in 9th grade)... never too late!). So, even quick reads count as far as I am concerned. She is a book or two ahead of me... but I am not concerned as she gets distracted easily by screens.

Start any time. And if you are on social media, tag us! I am on Twitter (onawhimm), Instagram (World of Whimm), Facebook (World of Whimm), and Tik Tok (World of Whimm). I am still figuring them all out, but thankfully I have my daughter to help me out.

Here are two slightly different Bingo cards so you can play along...

I left small spaces in each square so you could write the name of the book, but use it however you want. I will likely color the ones I have completed.

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