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New Vinyl Stickers!

Today I received a new order of stickers. Three new stickers will be added to the shop. I originally designed two of these for my daughter and a virtual birthday party we held for her. They were going to go into mini cactus pinatas... but I didn't get them in time so I had to go with a plan B. But now, two days after the party, I have some super cute stickers to add to my website!

First up is Cloud 9 - this is where a cat keeps its 9 lives.

Then we have a cactus taking a Selfie. I was trying to come up with a sticker for a teenager... this is where my mind went.

And then, all I could see when I was doing the selfie sticker was Bob Ross. Yep, that gives you a small glimpse in to my mind, it can be a scary place... but at least it remains entertaining.

I think I might be slightly obsessed with making stickers. But I am also working on other illustrations and look forward to sharing them.

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