We have started doing Farmer's Markets! We have a larger selection of items in person at these markets. I am slowly building this website to include everything we offer, but it will take time.

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"I'm Fine" Hard Enamel Pin

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We are excited to take the first step to offering our most popular sticker in an enamel pin. We have had this requested many times over, but the upfront expense is more than our little tiny business can handle right now.

So rather than wait until we can, we decided to try our hand at a Kickstarter. The Kickstarter process is no joke - and probably best for those with strong social media skills - but as a small business owner, I am used to doing uncomfortable things. So here we go!

As always, any and all support is appreciated. Support by backing, sharing, and even just commenting on my social media all helps. Thank you!

  • Vinyl Stickers

    Shop our large selection of stickers - perfect for water bottles, laptops, cars, and hoarding.

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  • Greeting Cards

    Say it with a card. It wouldn't hurt if you included a sticker in the card - that shows you really care.

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  • Keychains

    Shop our growing collection of acrylic keychains. Think of them as has key pals. Don't want those keys getting lost or lonely!

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