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World of Whimm

Original Fiber Art - “Hurricane”

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Original Fiber Wall Art - “Hurricane”

This piece is contained in a wood box that measures 6” wide by 6” tall and 2” deep. The piece includes 2 hand cut, hand sewn, and hand embroidered mushrooms. They rest in a diorama made from crocheted elements of various textures. Sewn greenery completes the look as if you are peeking into a small window of nature.

I have stained the box and fitted the back with a sawtooth hanger and 4 corner nubs to keep it straight against the wall.

My mushroom wall pieces are an escape from my daily stresses. Each one, a small glimpse into a moment of peace and beauty.

This piece is a part of my cocktail collection named from the vibrant red Hurricane cocktail made with rum and passion fruit.